Website Improvements

Website Improvements

First of, we want to thank everybody who made August such a beautiful month! This year has been quite challenging, but I can never be more blessed to have reached this far! This is another milestone reached and I glad I have you guys to stick around for everything!

I know that the website is far from perfect but we all learn from mistakes! That’s why I am constantly working to improve the experience, making navigations easier, correcting broken links, optimizing pages, and many more. To be quite honest, the migration from Patreon to the website has been anything but smooth. Some of the patrons don’t go online often, so they miss crucial updates containing important information. Nevertheless, I have set up a team (this time, for real. It’s not just me anymore). But before I get to the specifics, let me tell you about the things we have improved on the website.

#1 Loading Time

After scouring the net for information on website page optimization, we have managed to cut down the loading time and made the site 10x faster than before! Although images are a great addition to engagement, they take up a lot of bandwith. As you can see, I have minimized several sections in the homepage so that it doesn’t take a lot of memory. Going through the technicals as well (shiz like query strings) were minimized/removed.

Our current best loading time provided you have great internet signal: 2.5-2.8 seconds.


#2 navigation

Problem A: If you take notice, default account gender (biological sex) is set to MALE. The EDIT PROFILE page (because it inherits the original form for registration) does not possess the ability to switch between male or female. Either way, I have edited the forms and coding so now, selecting this is now available.

Problem B: Also, there were complains on page redirections and confusions on Renewal and Upgrades. I admit this is mainly due to faulty page linking and bad coding, so I went on to find the solution to the problem. There are certain limitations to the membership plugin we are using, so I decided to find a way to work around it. You can find instructions in your PROFILE page should you make some changes to your account that concern changes tiers among other things. We also have the FAQ for it, which we are improving and optimizing for better experience.

P.S. If you can’t find the answer to your question through or FAQ portals, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!



We have a new addition to our team!

I’ve decided that the management of this stuff is too much for just two hands, so I borrowed another set! Another person will join us and perform Customer Service tasks in my stead so that you are better catered to and are given the attention you need. I do try to respond ASAP to all who need assistance with their account, but it is unavoidable that the work is too much for me.

Hence, meet AJ! She’ll be working with you from now on. She handles customer service emails from now on, although she will pass to me any tough issues with accounts concerning payments and all those complicated stuff.

And more to come

Things like SUPPORT TICKETS. We have made this available before but the faulty system and my own inability to respond to it made me just scratch it. I promise it will be put up soon!

We can’t promise big changes in one go, but we promise to work hard to improve our service. After all, this is still a small site, so we’ll have to take baby steps. I also plan on releasing a new novel exclusive for the site as well as continue updating my others stories in here just for you guys! More stories will mean that your membership will be more meaningful!

If you want to drop us some suggestions and help point out buggy codes and problems with navigations, feel free to drop us an email. Your feedbacks will be great to hear!

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