CASeries #5: COSMOS


When Valeriana jumped into the water, she was confronted by strong, conflicting forces. The strength of a whirlpool hurtled her around until nausea kicked in and she vomited a little in her mouth. It lasted that way for about five minutes until, finally, it stopped. She hit the bottom—not hard enough to sustain serious injuries, but not as light as she would have wanted it either.

She forced her eyes open and found herself in clear, blue water. The bed was lined with colorful pebbles nestled against pure, white sand. Looking up, the surface was a far trip. If she had any intention of breathing some more, she would need to start swimming. Moving her arms clumsily, she moved as fast as she could, punching the big blob of light that rippled above.

Valeriana gasped, rubbing her face as she struggled to remain afloat. She took a couple more breaths, tasting the salt on her lips. Surprisingly, she got transported to the sea and whatever it was beyond the line where heaven and water met, she was not willing to find out at the moment. The sight was surprisingly ordinary. The sky was blue and the horizon was lined with trees. The place didn’t look very different from any other, but this was not what she was expecting from a ‘city’. Her fingers pushed back her hair as she moved to the nearest shore.

Eventually, the water narrowed and she waded out for the second time that day. Her clothes were heavy and wet and her backpack was leaking. She threw it on the rocky beach and let most of it splash over.

Her eyes scanned the immediate surroundings as she took in deep breaths and let her mind wander on the things that happened, are happening, and could happen. Most of them were negative, and right now, she didn’t know where to start.

She expected to immediately step into the so-called city, unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case. She turned to empty her backpack from the water before she stood and began the long journey ahead.

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