MyLovelyWriter’s New Website is Dropping Soon!

The new website will be with you soon!

We’ve come a long way! Back in 2017 during our initial Patreon startup, we used Google Docs to allow everyone to read chapters before shifting to our own website after about a year.

Now, for the past five or six years during CASeries serialization after that, we’ve been making do with a ramshackle website that I put together myself. It’s not the best, I admit. And the place is full of that DIY spirit that has led to a lot of facepalming and frustrations.

Don’t get me wrong, though! It has served you and me well all these years, though it is now time to move on to some place bigger, more comfortable, and more customized to fit our needs!

With the difficulties that you and I have gone through over the years, I am genuinely very excited to deliver the good news to you! 5 years straight of writing and I can say I’ve saved enough to commission a bespoke website with a system that is fitted and tailored to meet our needs!


Light mode/Dark Mode

The new website will have an accessible button for dark/light mode on every chapter. 

Bookmarks and editable typeface

Changeable, reader-friendly fonts will come with adjustable size. This includes an easier and automated navigation that helps you find your way around better!

There also won’t be anymore forgetting where you left off!
Kabedon that page/chapter, baby!

Everyone, Freeze!

The website falls into a freeze that pauses renewals but maintains membership for readers. This freeze will allow the extension of tier validity at no cost to the reader, which can be applied to all of the accounts on the website.
When the website or tier subscription falls into a FREEZE, we will call the cycle WINTER.
During winter cycles, membership renewals and billing cycles will be suspended, but readers’ subscription and access will be retained. This means, yes, your membership will remain but you WON’T have to pay until the active or Spring season returns.
This is to allow the author to take well-needed breaks (and hibernation) to maintain quality on chapters uploaded during active cycles. Allows me to build buffer chapters that’ll be delivered on time to you, rain or shine!

• Better Checkout Options in Two Currencies (USD & PHP)

The website will be accommodating better checkouts for international readers (in USD) still through PayPal but with an optimized checkout page. We will also accommodate accessible payment methods for our Filipino readers in the local currency (PHP).
Philippines is the second highest group in our reader demographics, clocking at around 30% of the readers, and with consistent requests for a GCash option in the local currency, prayers have finally been answered!

Stay tuned because I will be sending out free, no-strings attached memberships. For loyal members too (more details to come soon!)

Thank you for helping me with my writing and dreams.

– Lovely

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