For the Lockdown Period: 50% off Discounts and Forever VIP Status

Offers and Membership Changes for this Lockdown Period

We’re implementing forever VIP status, as well as giving out up to 50% off discounts to allow you to keep your membership during these dark days.



I have been approached by many members with regards to memberships and whatnot, all with understandable concerns. I understand that there are many who would like to continue regularly supporting the series, but are unable to otherwise. Here are some things we’ll be observing for the coming months under lockdown!


Before, members would usually not be able to return to VIP tiers after more than a month of idle. However, considering current circumstances, I’ll be waiving the current policies to allow for members to pause their membership / stop payments for a while and still be able to return to their previous tiers. This is especially the case for Original and Primordial Members.

  • Instead of just the lockdown period, this’ll be effective indefinitely. This means members who have managed to reach Original and Primordial status will be able to claim their place within the groups forever.
  • Members who were previously in Original or Primordial will be allowed to return to their previous groups provided there is history or record shown in their accounts or receipts that can be shown.
  • The website does not have a sophisticated algorithm, so your membership will not be extended or paused automatically. You will have to manually cancel your subscription and automatic profile if you wish to not be charged for the coming months.
  • If you were a member of the VIP groups and would like to return after a while, but are unable to because the signup page is locked, please send a request to with a receipt or proof of membership within said group to ask for the link and password.


To allow for affordability for everyone in the coming month, here are some discount coupons claimable by everyone depending on their tiers. These coupons will be valid until April 25, 2020.

  • Celestes (Primordial | Original | Regular) – 50% off WASHYOURHANDS
  • Common Knights (Primordial | Original | Regular) – 40% off SOCIALDISTANCING
  • Guards (Primordial | Original | Regular) – 30% off STAYATHOME
  • Sentinel (Primordial | Original | Regular) – 10% off DONTHOARD

Coupons are redeemable exclusively on the website registration pages. If you have automatic debit profile enabled, please remember to cancel to prevent doubled payments.


If you’d like some assistance with your account, please send an email to: or simply reply to this email. Replies can take up to 3-5 working days since I’ll be personally attending to each one!


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