How does this work?

This site will run on two types of revenue to further fund its continuity and content. One is through the membership platform which will offer rewards and privileges in return for monetary support while the other one will be through advertising. There will be no registration required for those who intend on free browsing as they will automatically get access to the site's free content. Signup will be required for the disabling of ads and access to members-only portals.


Memberships available for new signups are divided into different tiers: Celeste (25$), Common Knight (10$), and Guard (5$), Sentinel (2$) previously called Commoner Deluxe, and Commoner (1$). All offer different levels of reward and exclusivity.

There are exclusive, invite-only membership levels for those who had supported the Patreon page: Primordial and Original. So don't be surprised when you see mention of different other tiers!


Due to the massive amount of people who have no credit/debit cards, we decided to make way for new payment options through two, different gateways: (a) PayPal and (b) Bank Transfers.

You don't need a PayPal account to pay through our PayPal gateway. You need to simply enter your card information at our express checkout page and you're good to go.

Bank transfers take extra time to process so there will also be a delay in membership activation.


Since our site is content-focused, there are possibilities of 'binge-reading'. Therefore, we do not offer refunds. However, we do take into consideration instances such as unauthorized payments and accidental transactions. If payments are made in such circumstances, contact us within the hour of the purchase. Otherwise, any amount will be non-refundable.


Declined members will be given a grace period of three days to settle their accounts. Common Knights are given five days and Celestes are given seven days. After such time and their account is not fixed, they will be automatically moved to a free membership level with the same access privileges as non-members.



All works are original and copyrighted in exception for some images throughout the site from the public domain.

You are not allowed to download, copy/paste, or distribute the content for commercial purposes except for personal use and entertainment. This does not give you the right to print and give a copy to someone else. The aforementioned actions are considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly. This may include the revoking of membership and, at worse, litigation.

Membership Cancellation

Cancellations will be effective immediately. So we recommend deterring until a few days before the end of your current subscription so that you get the best of the membership.

To cancel membership, go to PROFILE >> CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

You will be moved down to FREE MEMBERSHIP which will not charge anything from your account.

Closing Account

Please take note that there is an option to be moved to FREE MEMBERSHIP by simply canceling your subscription. This will be great in the case that you change your mind and would like to pick up where you left off. Cancelled/closed accounts will be DELETED the moment it is closed, so there is no way to retrieve it.

If your decision is final, you can find this option under PROFILE >> CLOSE ACCOUNT.