Renewal Dates

The system is hardset to pay within the tenth of every month for all patrons and subscribers to help us monitor accounts much more efficiently; plus a three day grace period (which makes it thirteen). Also, the cycle is much the same for everyone as they gain access to the chapters they would’ve if they paid for a month.

The regular start of our update cycle is the tenth of every month and regardless of whatever day it is you have upgraded, it would count towards the tenth of the next month. If you upgrade within December, for example, the system will read it as an upgrade within the month of December and will set your renewal for January 10. In this case, we recommended waiting for the first of the month to strike, let’s say January 1, so that your account will be valid until February 10.
But of course, that is under manual payment! Manual payments are formatted that way for admin convenience because we need to synchronize accounts from Patreon and they are more often than not under ‘manual payment’ as we have no control whatsoever with autodebit. Patreon also has a hardset renewal dates regardless of when you pledged so we needed to implement a similar system to enable us to cope with renewals. Autodebit mode, however, enables you to pay the exact same date you have paid the month before.

How does this work?

This site will run on two types of revenue to further fund its continuity and content. One is through the membership platform which will offer rewards and privileges in return for monetary support while the other one will be through advertising. There will be no registration required for those who intend on free browsing as they will automatically get access to the site’s free content. Signup will be required for the disabling of ads and access to members-only portals.


Memberships available for new signups are divided into different tiers: Celeste (25$), Common Knight (10$), and Guard (5$), Sentinel (2$) previously called Commoner Deluxe, and Commoner (1$). All offer different levels of reward and exclusivity.

There are exclusive, invite-only membership levels for those who had supported the Patreon page: Primordial and Original. So don’t be surprised when you see mention of different other tiers!

Future Renewals for those Paying through Patreon

If you have an active pledge on Patreon, know that we manually sync your account renewals for you. This is not automated by the system which is why you may receive some notifications, telling you that your account’s renewal is due or that you must renew.

Please ignore these prompts. If the case comes, however, that you were moved to Free Membership by the system, please do tell us through the form available above.

No PayPal Account

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay through our PayPal gateway. Simply choose PayPal at checkout and you will be led to an offsite payment page where you can select to pay with “Credit/Debit Card” instead of “PayPal Account.”

Cancel Automatic Subscription on PayPal

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to My Preapproved Payments and click on it (you can often find this if you click on your last payment to MyLovelyWriter/Raquel Ann Gil and there will be a link.
  3. Click on MyLovelyWriter/Raquel Ann Gil
  4. Click Cancel.
  5. Click Cancel Profile.
  6. Click Cancel Subscription.

Please take note we cannot do this in your stead. We have no access whatsoever to your account and only the owner can make changes to payment methods.


Since our site is content-focused, there are possibilities of ‘binge-reading’. Therefore, we do not offer refunds. However, we do take into consideration instances such as unauthorized payments and accidental transactions. If payments are made in such circumstances, contact us within the hour of the purchase. Otherwise, any amount will be non-refundable.

We try to avoid issuing refunds due to the surcharges incurred by such transactions on our part. Instead we credit and compensate doubled payments with coupons or by adding an additional month on top of the current subscription plan to the user.

We do consider other reasons. If you think you have made such transactions that need a refund, do get in touch with us.

If you plan on upgrading to the Celeste tier

All members will be moved to Celeste Regular instead of the Celeste tier in their group (Primordial and Original) so that the other patrons’ pledges are not undermined in value.

That means if you’re in the Common Knight Primordial you will be moved to Celeste Regular in case of update.

Please take note of this before you upgrade your tier.


All works are original and copyrighted in exception for some images throughout the site from the public domain.

You are not allowed to download, copy/paste, or distribute the content for commercial purposes except for personal use and entertainment. This does not give you the right to print and give a copy to someone else. The aforementioned actions are considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly. This may include the revoking of membership and, at worse, litigation.


Declined members will be given a grace period of three days to settle their accounts. Common Knights are given five days and Celestes are given seven days. After such time and their account is not fixed, they will be automatically moved to a free membership level with the same access privileges as non-members.


Doubled Transactions / Doubled Charges

In case of doubled transactions, please consider the possibility of doubled autodebit profiles.

We have no power whatsoever to charge you more than what you agreed with us to charge you, so there is a chance that you have doubled your autodebit profiles on PayPal. Please consider cancelling your doubled autodebit profile and contacting us to help resolve the issue of your doubled payment. Depending on the options, we can help you refund, renew, or reregister.

Password Page Before Subscription Renewal/Change Subscription

If you are a Primordial or Original member, you will be prompted for a password before entering the registration page. This is NOT your user password, so entering the password you use on the site will be futile. Go back to your Google Drive, COSMOS tier file and you will find it there. Otherwise, contact team@mylovelywriter.com or customerservice@mylovelywriter.com for the password if ever you need assistance. Make sure to state your name and tier (i.e. Commoner Primordial) in your password request.

Set up automatic renewals for a pre-made/coupon account


This may take a few minutes and a little work, but things should be working properly from here on out.

If this is a pre-made account (an account that was granted to you by the admin) or an account whose first month of subscription you availed with a coupon, you may be looking to renew and set up automatic debit payments for future subscriptions.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, cancel your subscriptionThe reason for this is because setting up manual or autodebit payments must be done at registration. However, since you were given the account by the admin, payments are automatically set to ‘manual.’ Please understand that autodebit payments cannot be done if you availed a Bank Transfer option.
  2. Go back to your VIEW PROFILE page. You will see you’ve been moved to the Free Membership plan.
  3. Log out of your account to refresh the stats in the system so that the ‘autodebit option’ will show itself from its hiding spot.
  4. Log in again.
  5. Go here
  6. If you are in the ORIGINAL or PRIMORDIAL tier, you will be asked to enter a password. If you’re not prompted for a password, you’re probably at the wrong link. You can find this password in your respective Google Drives under the COSMOS file, otherwise, ask the admin for it.
  7. In the registration page, make sure to set your payment to PayPal and check the autodebit option when prompted.
  8. Pay for the membership. This will serve as a renewal as well. Make sure you do this 3-5 days before your membership expiration.

Still don’t see the autodebit button? Please request a change of tier to the administrator at team@mylovelywriter.com and ‘upgrade’ to your previous tier from there. You will not be charged extra, so it is imperative you do this at your renewal date.

Membership Cancellation

Cancellations will be effective immediately. So we recommend deterring until a few days before the end of your current subscription so that you get the best of the membership.

To cancel membership, go to PROFILE >> CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

You will be moved down to FREE MEMBERSHIP which will not charge anything from your account.

Closing Account

Please take note that there is an option to be moved to FREE MEMBERSHIP by simply canceling your subscription. This will be great in the case that you change your mind and would like to pick up where you left off. Cancelled/closed accounts will be DELETED the moment it is closed, so there is no way to retrieve it.

If your decision is final, you can find this option under PROFILE >> CLOSE ACCOUNT.