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Chevalier, Book of War #7

Chapters Ongoing


As a heads up, I saw several plot holes in the past few chapters of Chevalier which is probably why it was so hard for me to proceed with the new chapters. The foundation of the book is very shaky, which makes it hard to build on like I’ve done with the past few books. As this is the finale, I want to give it a stable climb as much as possible.

For this, I might make changes with the chapters I’ve published previously starting Ferbruary 20, 2020. So if you’ve read the book before that, please consider reading back to be aware of the changes. They may or may not be significant and may affect the later events that have already been published.

I might add chapters in-between the already uploaded chapters to flesh out these issues and address them. Should I do so, I will mark the chapter with a “*” and these will also be counted towards the missed uploads. This can also happen in Nether, please be aware.