25 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Beginning

  1. I love this! This is amazing. Great job on the artwork too! Do you update this every Saturday too or is there a different schedule? And will it remain accessible or is there separate payment required? I’m really loving the manga. So excited to see the other’s illustration too ☺

  2. It’s beautiful!!! The artwork is smooth and just fitting for the chapter. Excellent work artist! Seraphina is undeniably beautiful… Awesome! I’ll be waiting for more!

  3. OMG it’s beautiful! i can’t wait to read more…
    and also is that Lord Aeron?! Bwahahaha he’s different from what i imagined, He’s fat in my imagination! lol

  4. The artwork was great! I can’t believe that manga version of my favorite series in wattpad is already available! Though the 1st chapter is kind of short than what I had imagined (I love reading manga so…. I expected it to have at least 10 pages) but I love it!

  5. Don’t mind me, I’m just waiting for the update.
    *patiently stares at her constantly refreshing computer screen for four straight hours*
    I still haven’t blinked yet. I am that ready for the next page.

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