25 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Beginning

  1. I love this! This is amazing. Great job on the artwork too! Do you update this every Saturday too or is there a different schedule? And will it remain accessible or is there separate payment required? I’m really loving the manga. So excited to see the other’s illustration too ☺

  2. It’s finally here!!!! Pretty! Seraphina is beautiful!. But this is too short hope it is longer next update and wish to see it very very very soon.

  3. It’s beautiful!!! The artwork is smooth and just fitting for the chapter. Excellent work artist! Seraphina is undeniably beautiful… Awesome! I’ll be waiting for more!

  4. OMG it’s beautiful! i can’t wait to read more…
    and also is that Lord Aeron?! Bwahahaha he’s different from what i imagined, He’s fat in my imagination! lol

  5. The artwork was great! I can’t believe that manga version of my favorite series in wattpad is already available! Though the 1st chapter is kind of short than what I had imagined (I love reading manga so…. I expected it to have at least 10 pages) but I love it!

  6. Don’t mind me, I’m just waiting for the update.
    *patiently stares at her constantly refreshing computer screen for four straight hours*
    I still haven’t blinked yet. I am that ready for the next page.

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