Celeste Academy Series

Celeste Academy Series

Book 1


"Choices are powerful weapons one must not allow to be stolen."

Pandora’s box has opened.
Demons have breached the barriers separating Valemnia from Earth. Valeriana greets the unexpected guests and nearly loses her life—if not for for a sword-wielding woman who eventually becomes her ticket to another world.
Book 2


"Truths may change a life, but it will never change the person."

An attack in the academy coerces the Twelve to leave its walls in search for a man who may be the only one with the capability of solving their problem. But his services come at a price.
Book 3


"Limits are dictated by the self, not the sky."

A crisis occured in the spiritual facets serving as a balance to the elements, threatening to throw over a kingdom more fragile than its steeled roots
Book 4


"The best paths taken are made."

The drums of war thrum.
But the people it calls are not ready to answer.
Book 5


"True friends fight your battle even at a distance."

Valeriana is forced down a separate path to find the last piece in her puzzle. The others confront their own demons and attempt to silence to their aching pasts.
Book 6


"Madness holds reason, the empty carries the whole. A lie is noble and a truth is dark. "

A long-awaited reunion brings a bridging connection that forces the facing of a defying truth. The new generation ascends to meet the challenges of their time and the war opens to a thundering beginning.
Book 7


"The unfortunate ones are all of us, chosen to bear the mistakes and burdens of the past. Now, it’s our responsibility to permanently get rid of that burden so that the future generations may enjoy peace so much that they look for war themselves."

What was once lost will return. Those burdened with faith takes their blades to meet their destiny—a path that, to make a choice, they would forge themselves.