Chapter Four ⚜ With Lord Aeron

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter Four ⚜ With Lord Aeron Valeriana was in the sitting room of her floor, munching on a bunch of chips as she went through book after book about Valemnian culture and heritage. She did not usually use the other rooms at her disposal because it did not feel right, but she

Chapter Six ⚜ Partner Up

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter Six ⚜ Partner Up “Oh my lords.” The girls were in utter awe as they received the dresses they would wear for the day. Even so, Myra looked utterly tired and sleep-deprived as she presented them. Their dedication was moving that even Courtney looked reverent. “Because of this, I swear to

Chapter Five ⚜ A World Within

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter Five ⚜ A World Within Valeriana squeezed the daylights out of her father, afraid he would disappear into thin air. Her hands were shaking and so were her legs. Her heart felt like it was breaking all over again and piecing together at the same time. She squeezed her eyes close

Chapter Three ⚜ Dresses and Dainty Ribbons

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter Three ⚜ Dresses and Dainty Ribbons “You’ve been looking so glum all day, Val,” Genevieve said. “I’m guessing the talk hasn’t gone all too well with that chubby girl.” Tamara looked up at the mention of Valeriana’s friend that she had to quirk a brow, lifting her eyes from examining her

Chapter Two ⚜ Delimited

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter Two ⚜ Delimited The Celestial Twelve was against the idea of Valeriana seeing Chavi. Even so, they could not hold her back. She needed to do this for her peace of mind. If they were to keep her from seeing Chavi, no doubt that she would find a way to do

Chapter One ⚜ Simple Dinner

CASeries #4: WARSONG Chapter One ⚜ Simple Dinner It had been a really long day and the Twelve were undeniably tired dealing with the cleanup for the festival. They were short on hands, so the rest had to double the effort in order to accomplish things on schedule. As much as the rankers hated to


CASeries #4: WARSONG Prologue Classes did not resume like the usual. The recent turn of events had put the academy in a crisis, causing most of the students to leave like fleeing birds in the face of danger. Because of this, the start of the second semester was halted indefinitely. No one knew when the

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