CASeries #1: KNIGHT Epilogue Corvan felt Valeriana tremble in his arms as the color quickly left her cheeks. Her skin—ashen as paper and as pallid as ice. Her breaths came in short, anxious gasps are her azure blue eyes went blank and empty—as though she was looking at something else. He heard her swallow before

Chapter Forty-Nine: Not Over Yet

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Nine: Not Over Yet Lord Aeron visited the king as he was requested to do, and, as per his objectives, broke the news. Much to everyone’s relief, they were told King Laedin had given his consent. He sent them his blessings along with the message of his approval, saying he was

Chapter Forty-Eight: Trouble in Sight

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Eight: Trouble in Sight Corvan climbed up to his room after the Gathering. He didn’t want to show everyone how stressing the little act of playing the knight-in-shining-armor was. Trying to conjure fire while being submerged in water wasn’t easy at all. It took a lot of his strength and weakened

Chapter Forty-Seven: Thanks

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Seven: Thanks Valeriana rapidly changed back to her uniform, hair still dripping wet from her recent bath. Chavi accompanied her out of the bathing pools and they encountered a few students on their way out. They seemed curious at the commotion earlier—Corvan coming out of the girls’ bathing pools and Chavi

Chapter Forty-Six: Savior

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Six: Savior “What just happened? Chavi, what just happened? She came out of nowhere and started going cray-cray, saying I just tried to what? Maybe I actually nearly broke that guy’s foot when I stepped on it—but that’s because he tripped me!” Chavi’s whispers of comfort didn’t appease Valeriana’s nerves.  After

Chapter Forty-Five: Demon’s Attack

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Five: Demon’s Attack The news about Courtney’s challenge had already spread throughout the entire academy by the end of the day. It was the hottest topic of discussion among the student body. People were wondering about what Valeriana was going to do now that Courtney had returned. This information was basically

Chapter Forty-Four: The Return

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Four: The Return Valeriana didn’t see Chavi around for History class and got worried. She had been debating the entire way through lunch, wondering if she should check up on the other girl. Thankfully, the brunette had come around during recess hours and apologized, saying she had trouble getting out of

Chapter Forty-Three: Lunch Break

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Three: Lunch Break Seraphina weaved into the room, her hands tight around the leatherbound journal. She nodded at Edeltraud gratefully, walking through the doors he had opened for her. Despite the light smile on her lips, her brows were taut. The door clicked close behind her. She combed back her fair

Chapter Forty-Two: An Enemy Returns

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-Two: An Enemy Returns The rest of dinner night proceeded smoothly in spite of a small stump—that being the incident. Thankfully, the atmosphere resumed its relaxed ambiance and conversations came naturally the moment she went back to her seat. Neither the king nor Lord Gavin commented about the flower she carried.

Chapter Forty-One: A New Acquaintance

CASeries #1: KNIGHT Chapter Forty-One: A New Acquaintance Valeriana said she wanted to go to the restroom, but decided against it in the end. She didn’t feel like looking at herself in the mirror at all due to the previous turn of events. Her bladder was empty too. There was basically no reason to push

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