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CASeries #2: LEGEND

Author’s comments on plotholes and planned revisions:

  1. Asthore definitely shouldn’t have had such a tolerated ending. With regards to her immaturity and utter naivety, it is better for her to go through stricter reformations and training to prepare her for the life of a leader. That includes punishment and temporary revocation of her rights to the position
  2. “Resistance and rebellion” doesn’t go smoothly with the rest of the last arc.
  3. Smoother interactions and less exaggeration of reactions. Some exchanges are forced.
  4. I hated the confrontation with the demon part. I felt like I just made up a reason for him to meet them and for Corvan to show off.
  5. Shaky mechanisms on the concepts of portals and travel as well as Valemnian technology and innovations.
  6. A lot of clichés in general.
  7. God, this version sucks big time.

What happens in the new version?

  1. The last arc is changed. Drastically. While its spirit remains the same, the flow and plot take on a different approach. For example, Aden Cassius will no longer be Tree Man, but a Celeste (with a purpose). I mean, seriously. He will serve as gravity for the Twelve and also their guide through the city. Less issues on leadership and immaturity whatnot. Or maybe more. Depends on how the plot will flow.

  2. Tod/Faolan and Asthore’s story becomes darker and more serious in general. While a lot of the comedic portions (even the Three Kings Parody) are stripped, there will be new scenes to enjoy. This includes putting even more depth into their characters plus shading it to the dark side to make it more demonic and relevant to the future books.

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