Chapter 36 ∞ Forbidden Weapons

Deathsworn Chapter 36 ∞ Forbidden Weapons A void appeared and space itself seemed to give way to us as we went. Instead of moonless night, on the other side, there was the scorching midday sun. The light passed through me and seemed to sear me a little. It probably might’ve been warm if the whole

Chapter 35 ∞ Ejected

Deathsworn Chapter 35 ∞ Ejected A couple of months passed by in a breeze. Life in the House of Oblivion rolled on without a hitch. We were all preoccupied with our own stuff. The two other doofus-es had found the crafts they liked—Erenol with dancing and Maun, surprisingly enough, with swordsmanship. He apparently found a

Chapter 34 ∞ Dream

Deathsworn Chapter 34 ∞ Dream Life worked, not just mysteriously, but unpredictably as well—like taking a turn down an intersection, only to realize it was a dead-end. Setbacks happened every step of the way. One mishap after another would trickle down the lane like an annoying bump on the road. They were negligible though. One

Chapter 33 ∞ Birthday

Deathsworn Chapter 33 ∞ Birthday My birthday was the event of the year in the House—they celebrated it harder than any other holiday. My mistresses never skimped out on any of the details and went all out, from the lavish feast to live music to dozens of presents. For tomorrow’s celebration, I was sure they

Chapter 32 ∞ First Laugh

Deathsworn Chapter 32 ∞ First Laugh To say my life changed with these two morons wasn’t an exaggeration. There wasn’t a day of peace as of late with them barging in on my business left and right. My teaching of Maun of sign language wasn’t really serious—just some casual drops of vocabulary. Nevertheless, whenever I

Chapter 31 ∞ Dragon’s Flight

Deathsworn Chapter 31 ∞ Dragon’s Flight I was initially glad with having Erenol over, but I found her presence growing a little…annoying over time. She was tailing me wherever I went, asking me all sorts of questions and whatnot. That was other than Maun, who, for some reason, lacked will and independence. Erenol was more

Chapter 30 ∞ Signed

Deathsworn Chapter 30 ∞ Signed Kora attended to me as I took refuge in the comfort of my bed. He was asking me all sorts of questions; whether I was feeling dizzy or if I was in any other kind of pain. Nonetheless, this wasn’t really anything much compared to the physical injuries I got

Chapter 29 ∞ Assault

Deathsworn Chapter 29 ∞ Assault Mistress Veronika’s physical training was paying off. Although I had the smallest frame in the group, I was consistent with my pace and led everyone through. I could not say the same for Maun and Erenol though, so I decided to take the rear slot to herd them along just

Chapter 28 ∞ Outskirts

Deathsworn Chapter 28 ∞ Outskirts Even though I was confident we would not run into any trouble we could not escape, I was still cautious. Erenol was biologically the oldest one here, but she was also the most immature—or maybe the oldest one was Maun, but I wasn’t really sure because I never asked. Either

Chapter 27 ∞ Return

Deathsworn Chapter 27 ∞ Return It took some time convincing Maun to come. I didn’t think he was comfortable going out there just yet. His weak and feeble form, however, was radiating with vigor I had not seen before. With a little bit of goading and some encouragement, diverting his attention to the positive sides

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