For the Lockdown Period: 50% off Discounts and Forever VIP Status

Offers and Membership Changes for this Lockdown Period We’re implementing forever VIP status, as well as giving out up to 50% off discounts to allow you to keep your membership during these dark days. MyLovelyWriter Hello! I have been approached by many members with regards to memberships and whatnot, all with understandable concerns. I understand

Chapter 45 ∞ The Coming of Death

Deathsworn Chapter 45 ∞ The Coming of Death Hell had broken loose. The masked men around me weren’t expecting this form of attack at all. It baffled them knowing their comrades were aging before their very eyes—and they didn’t know the reason why. They couldn’t see the adversary, but they knew the frost was the

Chapter 44 ∞ Lullaby

Deathsworn Chapter 44 ∞ Lullaby We made our way through the quiet street. There was hardly anyone around—only the occasional drunk traipsing on the sidewalk and a patrol who’d walk up to said drunk and scold them for loitering. No one took notice of us and we tried not to draw too much attention to

Chapter 43 ∞ Swamp

Deathsworn Chapter 43 ∞ Swamp “Hellen, you get the lights,” Mistress Neilly said. “I thought I saw some lamps over to your side.” There was some rustle and clanking over to my right. I couldn’t see anything at all, but I still felt Maun and Erenol clinging to either side of me. My arms were

Chapter 42 ∞ Troubled

Deathsworn Chapter 42 ∞ Troubled I looked ahead and found that, as the flames continued burning, Veils shrouded the sky as though they were just gathering around the bonfire. There really was no concrete way to describe them except that they were formless, nearly transparent shadows. Until now, I could not even begin to imagine

Chapter 41 ∞ Nightmare

Deathsworn Chapter 41 ∞ Nightmare The night about two or three weeks after my unfortunate incident in the bedroom, my room was fixed, and I’ve completely recovered from my most recent ‘incident.’ All was good. Erenol didn’t make a big deal about me being a Conduit, and we went on with our merry lives. I

Chapter 40 ∞ Spider Silk

Deathsworn Chapter 40 ∞ Spider Silk I carefully sealed the bottle of perfume on my table, tying a small, green ribbon around its neck. I set it before me as Erenol strode through my doors, hands laced behind her. I’d taken my hobby elsewhere because my room looked like it aged a hundred years. This

Chapter 39 ∞ Eavesdrop

Deathsworn Chapter 39 ∞ Eavesdrop I didn’t realize I fell asleep again until I woke up feeling much better. It was already a bit dark out when I came to. The sun had long since started to retreat, leaving a fresh trail of orange and purple wisps. Kora had left the windows open and it

Chapter 38 ∞ Rampant

Deathsworn Chapter 38 ∞ Rampant I wasn’t able to sleep immediately that night from the worry. My anxiety did well to keep sleep at bay. If it wasn’t due to my exhaustion, it probably would’ve been another sleepless night. Even then, I was plagued by uncomfortable coldness penetrating straight into my bones. I was now

Chapter 37 ∞ Witness

Deathsworn Chapter 37 ∞ Witness We lurched forward from the nauseating void Amber had pulled me through. I found myself standing—or floating—under sultry, golden lights. I didn’t recognize this place. The walls were lined with thin, bamboo strips and the floors were lain with soft, plush carpet. Sweet, red lanterns hang on the corners and

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