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LAST UPDATED 12/2/2017 | 10:10 PM PST

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  1. Celeste - Chapter 81
  2. Common Knight  -  Chapter 48
  3. Guard  -  Chapter 46
  4. Sentinel  -  Chapter 44
  5. Commoner  - Chapter 43


  1. Celeste  - Chapter 76
  2. Common Knight  -  Chapter 45
  3. Guard  -  Chapter 43
  4. Sentinel -  Chapter 41
  5. Commoner  -  Chapter 40


  1. Celeste  - Chapter 68
  2. Common Knight  - Chapter 42
  3. Guard  -  Chapter 40
  4. Sentinel  -  Chapter 38
  5. Commoner  - Chapter 37


Chapter 33

CorVal Illustration First Draft VIEWING FOR CELESTES


And character naming is open for you guys too! We need some nice names for our babies!
But for now, let's go to the illustration first.

Character Naming Open for Celestes

That's right! We need some nice names for our babies. Let's give them some love! Click on the icon on the side to drop your suggestion. (Celeste VIP portal)


You heard it right! We know things get better when they get physical, so we've decided to throw in this reward. We are preparing to set the orders but we are waiting for other people from the tiers to claim their reward. Simply click the icon box with the book to head on to the ordering form. Simply add up the months you have had a successful pledge to find out if you're eligible! <<<<

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