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Celeste Academy Series

The present collection. Written in the eve of my high school days from a supposed fanfiction-turned-original series. It has experienced more than fifty revisions in the past six years it’s been written.

Sweet Damnation

The story of a girl named Samantha Hayes who ends up in a pact with the great demon Belial after she is saved from a gas station explotion. Works around the typical, cliche plot of demon pacts and agreements but with elements of poetry, comedy, and romance.

Who am I kidding? I suck at summaries. Just go and read it.


A story I want to continue writing but I don’t have time to, so it’s put under indefinite pause. It works around the idea of going back in time with a single strike of lightning. Definitely brilliant idea but super hard to conceptualize on.

A couple of other werewolf romance craps after going through a phase

I don’t need to explain myself. I don’t.

About Me

2015 – 2019

University of the Philippines

My classmates don’t know anything. Don’t tell any of them. They’re all goddamn literature majors. If I have to face criticism and comments from people I know, I’ll kill myself.

2005 - present

Jeddah Kid

I grew up in the Middle East. Although I’m not Muslim, I know the beauty of Islam. My best friend is from Ethiopia and she’s the most wonderful person ever. Ya, Sara!


Born (Semi) Crazy


Fantasy 99%
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Comedy 89%
Adventure 70%
Action 50%
Mystery 81%