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Offers and Membership Changes for this Lockdown Period We’re implementing forever VIP status, as well as giving out up to 50% off discounts to allow you to keep your membership during these dark days. MyLovelyWriter Hello! I have been approached by many members with regards to memberships and whatnot, all with understandable concerns. I understand

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Week 1
MONDAY – Deathsworn (+4) 
WEDNESDAY – CASeries (+5*) 

Week 2
MONDAY  – Deathsworn 
10 WEDNESDAY – CASeries 

Week 3
15 MONDAY – Deathsworn 
17 WEDNESDAY – CASeries 

Week 4
22 MONDAY  – Deathsworn 



Week 1
MONDAY – Deathsworn 

Week 2
MONDAY  – Deathsworn 
10 WEDNESDAY – CASeries 

Week 3
15 MONDAY – Deathsworn 

Week 4
22 MONDAY – CASeries 



Week 1
MONDAY – CASeries  
WEDNESDAY – Deathsworn

Week 2
MONDAY – CASeries 

Week 3
15 MONDAY – Deathsworn 

Week 4
22 MONDAy – CASeries



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Life after death, ironically enough, does not live up to expectations.

Evyionne finally died, then reincarnation happened. When the entirety of the afterlife is upended by unexpected chaos after the gods took a leisurely vacation, Death himself enlists her help to find out what went wrong.

He leaves her with two things: memories of her past life, and his very domain.

But with the trouble coming, it might not be enough.

Celeste Academy

Fantasy like you’ve never dreamed before. Follow the titillating adventure of Valeriana Kerrigan as she breaches boundaries between worlds in a fight against demons and a search for the mysteries surrounding her purpose in a coming war.

/God’s Land [M/M]

A disillusioned photographer, Mano, retreats into a quaint, secluded town at the base of a mountain where he unknowingly–and literally–captures the spirit of a god with his camera.

Contains BL/MM elements. Slow-burn with styles of subtlety.

Curse of Beauty

coming soon