Group Upgrades

To commence the end of another college semester… WE ARE OFFERING UPGRADES TO HIGHER GROUPS PRIMORDIAL | ORIGINAL | REGULAR | Higher tiers are now open to new members READ MORE LOYALTY IS THE BEST! And loyalty should have its rewards. REGULARS with at least six months of nonstop membership pledge will be promoted to

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Your Membership: Cheaper and More Rewarding!

  YOUR MEMBERSHIP: CHEAPER AND MORE REWARDING! The True Meaning of LESS FOR MORE! With the following announcement you will be reading in this post, you’ll feel like this Christmas will last the entire year! You see, we plan on revamping our update scheme starting January for everyone’s benefit! I want to sincerely thank you

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Chapter 76 ♦ Unite

CASeries #5: COSMOS Chapter 76 ♦ Towards the End It was strange to see all the leaders present in a room wherein all the instances this has occurred involved feuds and never-ending competition. With Lady Maeghan unable to attend, her Lady Commander had come to represent the Water Faction. The other leaders were seemingly glad,

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Fantasy like you’ve never dreamed before. Follow the titillating adventure of Valeriana Kerrigan as she breaches boundaries between worlds in a fight against demons and a search for the mysteries surrounding her purpose in a coming war.




Isekai / reincarnation | taking inspiration from western and asian belief systems.


Straightforward, slow-paced development


Both light and dark

Reincarnated with memories of her past life and the rarest affinity for the element of death—all of this comes not without a catch.

Evyionne is a troubled soul who has just left a life of misfortune behind.
Reincarnating is the last thing she wants–and will fight her guide to the afterlife to stay, even if it means fading into oblivion forever.
But bigger troubles come knocking on her door, leaving her thrown unceremoniously into her next life to deal with.
Wayward, life-sucking spirits called Veils have thrown the whole afterlife into chaos, breaking the boundary of life and death and spilling into the material world. The only person who just may be capable of making it all right–her guide to the afterlife–is out of commission for setting preemptive measures against the Veils. Luckily, he leaves her with some things to help deal with it all; a complete recollection of her past life and the affinity for something no one ever thought can be wielded by warm hands.
Faced with the responsibility and the unexpected power that comes with it, she must first navigate her way through an entirely new world–one dressed in magic she has never seen, filled with intrigue and political clashes that threatens to tear it apart faster than the Veils probably can. She doesn’t think a broken soul like herself will be capable of cleaning up a huge, hot mess like this one, but perhaps this unexpected, unwanted new life in this troubled world will help her become the solution that it–and she–needs.